The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the part of any drug that produces its effects. While many pharmaceutical companies are located in North America and Europe, most API manufacturers import their ingredients from other countries. The quality of APIs has a significant effect on the efficacy and safety of medications. We collaborate with companies across the world to source the highest quality chemical products available. Wesbridge Biomedical is able to provide a long list of different APIs click here.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates, the complex chemical compounds that are the building blocks used in producing APIs.

Wesbridge Biomedical can provide premixes which are the blend of APIs or ingredients that have been mixed in advance for further processing to new dosage and concentration. Premixes can be in the shape of powder, liquid, pellet or other requirements.

In the premix service, Wesbridge Biomedical supplies its registered formulation or your required formula. They are available for both single and combination formulations. Manufacturing through premixes have below advantages:

• Cost Effectiveness
• Complete saving of formulation development and associated costs
• Significant reduction in manufacturing time and resources
• Maximization of Production outputs due to saving in process time taken
• Availability of unique proprietary and customized products

We support you to file and register the finished product. Wesbridge Biomedical also helps you to complete technical and documentation support.
Wesbridge Biomedical is supplying a wide range of premixes like Direct to Compress Granules for Tablets, Direct to fill for Capsules, Sachets, Oil and Powder parts for making Softgel Capsules, and Powder for specific Sports supplements. Wesbridge Biomedical offers different kinds of Pellets as well.

Our services are done through a stringent quality assurance programmed and current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). Your orders will be screening based on the structures of governing bodies such as the FDA to prevent product defects. We make it easy for our customers to know that their orders are being handled properly at every step of the transportation process.