Wesbridge Biomedical offers hundreds of ready food supplements formulas in various dosages and delivery forms to suit your needs. Our private label supplements have already been formulated, tested, and certified for safety and regulatory conditions. They will be suit for your company whether you’re already a reputable food supplements company seeking to expand your current product line, or you’re a fresh company breaking into the food supplements market. Select any of our formulas and add your name, create your label’s design and choose your packaging type. We have presented our formulas by various brand names like Herbal Formula, Mix Natural, L’ORGANIQUE, Suissanté, Super Natural, Epimax, Vita Mix 7A, VitaSure, Vitamix in different markets.

Wesbridge Biomedical has an extremely experienced staff which have the ability to assess and improve your existing formulas and dosage forms of your food supplements based on your market requirements. We can also help you to develop a new supplement formula based on the requirements of your desired product.

Wesbridge Biomedical offers plenty of options for batch sizes and quantities, so you have the opportunity to choose small or large orders which you may need now or in the future.