Cambridge Pharma is the supplier of Raw materials, Premixed, Bulk and Finished products of various Food supplements. The products are produced by fully GMP approved manufacturers and the sources of the materials and the quality of final products are well trusted.

Cambridge Pharma Inc. proudly is a licence holder of more than 300 Natural Health Products in Canada as well. Canada is a global leader in the regulation of Natural Health Products. The Canadian approach to regulation is often referred to as a “pre-approval” system, which means that all NHPs must be licensed by Health Canada before they are allowed to be legally sold to Canadians. Other countries have alternative methods for regulating products similar to NHPs. For example, the United States calls these products Dietary Supplements and they are regulated as food products, where oversight is done through “post-market reporting”. This means that Dietary Supplements can be marketed and sold in the U.S. without pre-approval and manufacturers are expected to report any adverse effects. To obtain an NPN, Health Canada reviews research that supports the safety, quality and claims associated with the products. We have a full regulatory and production branch in Canada to ensure full coverage of the orders of our customers around the world.

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